July 2019

LibraChina is founded after Libra published Whitepaper. pLIBRA business plan is made. Then we adjusted PhalaNetwork tech architecture with the Polkadot team's help.

August 2019

pLIBRA received a grant from the Web3 Foundation

September 2019

pLIBRA will launch Tech White Paper. And pLIBRA will become a validator of KUSAMA which is the sister chain of Polkadot

November 2019

The pLIBRA project will complete the first round of financing. Complete the recruitment of the GateKeeper SuperNode. Release pLIBRA test network demo

December 2019

After the Polkadot main net launch, the Phala Network is online. Then Phala Network will bridge Libra test-network and release the pLIBRA beta version.

Q1, 2020

pLIBRA will officially released when Libra's main net launched. pLIBRA will become the top five application of Libra

Q2, 2020

The daily transaction volume of pLIBRA exceeded 50 million US dollars. There are more than 5 categories of projects using Phala Network's trusted computing capabilities.

Q3, 2020

Phala Network will become the world's largest trusted computing power platform